Are you seeking optimal fluid motion equipment for your water treatment processes? Look no further than the HELISEM® and HM vertical mixers. Renowned for their efficiency and cost-effectiveness, these mixers are designed to filter out impurities and prime water for subsequent treatment steps.

From coagulation and flocculation to denitrification, aeration, and dewatering/sludge removal, HELISEM® and HM mixers excel across a spectrum of applications crucial to water treatment. What sets them apart are the innovative SABRE and patented HXP impellers. These features not only enhance efficiency but also significantly reduce energy consumption, making them indispensable assets in any water treatment facility.

The HELISEM® and HM Range vertical mixers offer a compelling solution for organizations committed to sustainable and effective water treatment practices. With their energy-efficient design and superior impeller technology, they pave the way for enhanced performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Invest in the future of water treatment with HELISEM® and HM mixers – where efficiency meets innovation for cleaner, purer water.

HELISEM and HM Range Mixers by Milton Roy

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