Rule No. 11 Make it easier for the customer to do their job.

Target audience: Mechanics

Problem: It is cumbersome to look through a complete IOM Manual for a piece of equipment to find what you need because the manuals are so generic they try to cover every model they manufacturer.

Solution: I created “Cheat Sheets” for certain tasks that can be laminated and attached to a D-ring and kept in a mechanics locker for when he needs it.

I call them “TOMS” which stand for “Tencarva Operations Manual Shorts”

I am including one for how to adjust the impeller on any Goulds pump Model 3196:

Cheat Sheet 3196 IOM- Setting impeller clearance

This “TOMS” is a simple one-page instructional refresher that is spread out over 5-6 different pages if you were to look this procedure up in the IOM (if the mechanic can even find an IOM).


I will be glad to email you a copy of our IOM.  This is assuming someone even reached out to this vendor.