Workplace Safety at Hudson Pump & Equipment, a division of Tencarva Machinery Company

Safe + Sound Week August 7-13 2023

Workplace safety stands as a cornerstone for organizations, regardless of their size or industry. This importance is underscored by the annual “Safe + Sound Week” campaign, initiated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This nationwide event that occurred August 7-13 served as a rallying cry for businesses and workers to unite in prioritizing safety. And August is a good month to focus on Safety as companies nationwide tend to have a few more injuries during this time. That’s true for Hudson Pump & Equipment too.

Hudson Pump & Equipment, a division of Tencarva Machinery Company, has pledged its commitment to safety through the Safe + Sound initiative. This pledge signifies a dedication to fostering a culture of safety as a core value.

Safe + Sound Week Certificate

As a reminder and gift for participating Tencarva gave away safety t-shirts and safety mouse pads throughout the company to help people focus on safety. We had 325 people sign up and take the safety pledge.

Safe + Sound Week transcends sectors, promoting collaboration between employers and employees. Its essence lies in ensuring that every individual returns home safe and sound after each workday. Tencarva’s endorsement of this pledge isn’t just symbolic—it’s a testament to their proactive approach to employee well-being.


By fully embracing a thorough Health & Safety program, we’ve gained numerous advantages. These benefits extend to us, our clients, subcontractors, and communities. Our efforts have led to increased productivity, fewer incidents, and improved collaboration.

Safe + Sound Week Tencarva

Safe + Sound Week is a call to action resonating across the nation. Tencarva’s leadership in embracing this initiative illuminates the path to safer and healthier workplaces. Let’s stand together in celebrating and prioritizing workplace safety.

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